Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Lines Crossed Out

On April 13th, 2005, I did a reading at Zeke's Gallery as part of a launch celebration for three chapbooks published by Delirium Press. The chapbook I was launching is called Lines Crossed Out, and contains some short poems based on the writings of Victorian critic John Ruskin, a long poem (titled the same as the book) about writing a dissertation chapter on Ruskin while experiencing homesickness through the art of Betty Goodwin, plus a cluster or images, some of them documentary of stuff surrounding the long poem, and many of them reproductions of stunning artworks by Betty Goodwin that I had seen her working on when I visited her studio a variety of times in the 1990s. It's a lovely little chapbook, and I just recently noticed that local Bolduc-drinker Zeke has posted a recording of the reading on his web site. So, if you weren't there, and would like to hear a record of the live (April 13th, 2005) reading of Lines Crossed Out, go to Zeke's Gallery.

Here's the website for Delirium Press, the people who assembled and hand-sewed it.

And here are a few images that appear in the chapbook:

Rooted Like A Wedge
by Betty Goodwin

Beyond Chaos I
by Betty Goodwin

Deucalion Crossed Out (Treated Ruskin Text)
by Jason Camlot

Iris Of The Earth Crossed Out (Treated Ruskin Text)
by Jason Camlot

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Book Launch at The Green Room

I'll be launching Attention All Typewriters in Montreal this week. It will be a joint launch, with my colleague Marcie Frank, who just published an awesome book about Gore Vidal called How To Be An Intellectual in the Age of TV. David McGimpsey will host the event (thanks Dave!), and Kenny Smilovitch will accompany me when I play a song at the end of my reading (thanks Kenny!)

Also, there will be cake. Lots of cake.

So come on out: Thursday, November 3rd. The Green Room. 5386 Boul. St. Laurent. 8pm.

A funny, related, thing: an old friend, Karen Herland, now works at the Concordia Journal, and recently published a little pre-launch story about the books and the launch, complete with photo of Marcie and me holding McDonald's Potato People.

Hope to see you at the Green Room on Thursday. I'll be the one eating cake.