Sunday, December 02, 2007

Language Acts in Jacket Magazine

As a continuation of our exploration of the idea of Anglo-Quebec poetry as both a sociological phenomenon, and as an aesthetic field of literary activity, Todd Swift and I have edited a feature of 27 Anglo-Quebec Poets for the Australian-based Jacket Magazine. The selection of poetry (while by no means exhaustive) is extremely varied, interesting and exciting, and includes the work of (among others) Leonard Cohen, Erin Moure, Peter Van Toorn, Robyn Sarah, David McGimpsey, Carmine Starnino, D.G. Jones, Mary Di Michele, and some great poets who have recently passed away, such as Robert Allen, Ruth Taylor and artie gold. A digital reproduction of artie gold's chapbook 5 Jockey Poems (published in a run of 200 copies by The Word bookstore in 1977) is just one of the many treasures you will discover within this rich selection of materials.

Please have a look at Jacket Magazine, Issue 34

[NOTE: The picture above has been taken from where you can purchase actual straightjackets, should you be so inclined.]